We are Movimiento Jaguar Despierto, a group of young Latin Americans living in London who seek to raise awareness about the issues affecting our communities in the UK and in our continent. Our aim is to ensure that the human, economic, social and cultural rights of our historically oppressed communities are understood and respected.

We defend the right to life, land, territory and autonomous relational development. We support all those expressions of resistance and autonomy that speak of many universes, not a singular universe, as purported by the European idea of progress and modernity. We are for decoloniality. 

As the children of immigrants driven from their homes by the colonial legacy alive in the 21st century, we find strength in our indigenous black and brown identity. We denounce the unilinear European idea of progress and modernity and we seek to rid ourselves off all ties to modern colonialism in our social, political, economic and cultural realities.

We run and support a number initiatives and collaborate with various advocacy groups, campaigns and individuals in order to ensure that the Latin American community has a voice as we continue to fight for social and environmental justice, peace and liberation in London, our continent and beyond.