Our Experience of the "People's" Climate March 2015

At various points throughout the climate march today the stewards for white organisations like Avaaz and Oxfam attempted to cover one of our placards that read "British Imperialism Causes Climate Injustice".

They also unsuccessfuly attempted to push our Global South Bloc to the back of the march because we wouldn't hold their shitty little placards with sunflowers and hearts on them.

Europeans in general are our allies as long as we don't rock the colonialist and imperialist boat. When we hold up a mirror in front of them they will do all in their capicity to break it. They even called the police on us when we refused to move from the frontline. Their masks come off instantly: 'You can march with us, but the animal floats go first."

Europe's most 'radical' movements are still too moderate to truly work toward system change. The privileges of Europeans serve as a convenient blindfold to our suffering.

But let's not dwell on the question of whether they will fight with us against the global system their governments have created. If they won't join us we wil run them over. Just like we successfully ran over their plans for a whitewashed march.

We are The Wretched of the Earth - Watch this space

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