It is not Syria that needs an intervention, it is Britain. Britain needs to be disarmed as soon as possible. The genocidal rampage of the British state has gone on for long enough. We have seen what has happened in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. Let us not be mistaken; the war on Syria is not beginning now, it began years ago, when this meddling government decided to fund rebel groups. When this government decided to get involved in the affairs of the Syrian people it created the conditions for an organisation like “ISIS” to flourish. And, despite the mainstream media focusing so heavily on the casualties in Europe, it has been people in the Middle East who have suffered the most at the hands of “ISIS”. It has also been people in the Middle East who have been at the forefront of fighting them and resisting them.

However, Britain’s murderous behaviour does not start with Afghanistan. It goes back centuries. It begins with the colonisation of the north of our continent; a land now known as North America, a land currently occupied by the settler colonies of Canada and the United States. It continued with the enslavement and kidnapping of our African sisters and brothers. They invaded Australia, New Zealand, India and large parts of Africa, and they continue to dominate these places today. In the cases of Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and some parts of Africa, they are still physically dominating it; living on stolen land, on the blood and bones of the original peoples.

Their domination is not always so obvious. They have had plenty of time to refine it over the years. Invasion can also come about through coercive economic projects. This can be seen throughout the region of the world that we come from. Throughout what is now known as Latin America, British companies are currently looting our resources. Companies such as: Virgin, BT, Shell, SABmiller, Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC Investment Bank, BHP Billiton, Castrol, JP Morgan Fleming, Glaxo Pharmaceuticals, Unilever, Rio Tinto Group and United Distillers. Companies who are responsible for sponsoring paramilitaries and other armed groups to threaten, torture, disappear and assassinate those of our people who stand in the way of their profits.

It is as simple as this; the British state has no moral authority whatsoever to intervene in any country. It has too much blood on its hands. It is swimming in it, willingly and gleefully. The British state knows that in order to maintain and add to the stolen wealth in its treasury that it must take part in each and every invasion that Europe and it’s colonies want to initiate. It has no regard for Brown and Black lives, no regard for our humanity.

What happened last night was a performance of British democracy. They are white, they are wearing suits and ties, they are voting; all these factors are supposed to make what happened last night somehow seem rational and humane. It is meant to appear democratic. A tiny British elite voting on whether to drop bombs on people who live in an entirely different country; this is meant to be civilisation. It is savage. It is disgusting.

We must always keep in mind the victims of this war. Yes, the money spent on this war would be better spent on public services. Yes, this war will increase the likelihood of an attack occurring on British soil. Yes, this war will cause more refugees to flee to Europe. However, these are arguments that appease to the most narrow-minded and heartless of British society; those who are only looking out for themselves. Those who see a drone as an expensive waste of money as opposed to a genocidal weapon of war. Those who are indifferent to attacks that happen in the Global South but just do not want it happening on their doorstep. Those who do not want their country being flooded by “sponging” refugees. We refuse to appeal to the self-centred British way of thinking. We will never forget that this is a matter of life and death. We speak as displaced people of the Global South. We speak out against the ongoing genocide against Brown and Black people.